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The Tieber Law Office takes pride in providing attentive, thorough, first-rate legal representation in criminal cases, at trial, on appeal, and in state and federal (habeas corpus) postconviction litigation.  The Tieber Law Office was opened in 2002 by F. Martin Tieber, and specializes in criminal defense at the appellate and postconviction stages.  Marty Tieber brings to the practice three decades of criminal appellate defense experience, which he acquired as a staff attorney at the State Appellate Defender Office in Michigan, and, from 1978-2002, as director of the Lansing office of the State Appellate Defender, an agency which has earned a national reputation for excellence and leadership in the field.  Marty is assisted by his son, Kristoffer W. Tieber, making the Tieber Law Office a family endeavor.

Marty Tieber is widely known as one of the nation’s top criminal appellate experts.  This is a direct result of his dedication, as well as his meticulous, detail-oriented approach to the practice of law.  The Tieber Law Office has a distinct advantage in its size.  As a sole practitioner who limits his caseload, Mr. Tieber is able to spend whatever time is needed to achieve highly effective representation for each client.

Marty is committed to providing tough and aggressive legal representation, while also providing personally responsive service to his clients.  Each client receives frequent, detailed updates through all modes of correspondence.  Mr. Tieber works with each client to make sure their voice is heard. 

Through his 30 years of legal experience, Marty has developed longstanding ties to Michigan’s legal community.  Because of this inside knowledge of the Michigan court system, the Michigan corrections system, attorneys, and other professionals, Marty is able to effectively put together an effective plan in a wide variety of criminal cases, at trial and on appeal. 

In addition to maintaining a successful private practice, Marty Tieber has continued to build on the three decades of public service at the State Appellate Defender Office.  He handles a number of cases for those who cannot afford to retain him on a pro bono basis.  In 2002, Marty co-founded Michigan’s Innocence Project, dedicating countless unpaid hours to piecing together a structure for that organization, which included a list of over 100 of the state’s top criminal defense practitioners who agreed to donate their time to the effort.  He remains a member of the Innocence Project Commission.  Marty continues to be very active in professional associations as a Life Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a current member of that group’s State Legislative Affairs Committee.  He is a past-president of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, and currently serves as co-chair of that organization’s Rules and Laws Committee.