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Marty Tieber dedicates substantial time to preparing and presenting legal materials at seminars in Michigan and Arizona. Kris Tieber also presents on various legal issues.  As part of this practice, both Kris and Marty compile a comprehensive review of recent United States Supreme Court and Michigan criminal law decisions, along with legislative and court rule developments. These materials can be accessed below, and are meant to be a useful tool to all visitors of this web site.

The material presented is the work product Kris and Marty Tieber, and consists of summaries and excerpts. This work is not to be considered exhaustive. Legal concepts are summarized informally, and reflect the general understanding of the Tieber Law Office. They are not necessarily the official positions of any court, litigating party, government, or other body. And while Marty and Kris are continually updating this information, changes can occur quickly, and it is possible that, at any given time, some of this information might be out of date. Thorough review of the original material and updating research should be done before utilizing this information in court or in legal pleadings.

The updates are listed below by the pertinent dates, and the cases are broken out within each update by their legal issues.

Case summaries - October of 2013 through October of 2014

June 11, 2014 Critical Sentencing Guidelines MSC Leave Grant 

Case summaries - June of 2013 through June of 2014

Case summaries - Preliminary Draft of 2013 CDAM Fall Conference Criminal Law Update

Case summaries - November of 2011 through October of 2012

Case summaries - October of 2011 through November of 2011 

Case summaries - October of 2010 through October of 2011

Case summaries - June of 2010 through May of 2011

Case summaries – 2005 through 2010